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Vastu tips for buying and selling properties: Attracting favorable deals

Vastu tips

When it comes to buyin or selling a property, many factors come into play. From location and the pricing to market condition, there are numerous considerations that can influence the outcome of a real estate deal. In addition to these factors, Vastu shastra and Vastu tips the Indian art of architectural science. Offering the insights and guidelines to attract positive energies and favorable outcomes in the realm of real estate transactions.

Vastu Shastra states that there are numerous methods one can use to deal with such situations and succeed in the sale of a home or property.

 Lets explore the Vastu tips for buying and selling properties: 

  • A house or property’s design heavily relies on the Vastu Mandala, commonly referred to as the Vastu Purusha Mandala. It is of utmost significance since it is a metaphysical square layout that Brahma and 44 other Gods established and serves as a mathematical and diagrammatic foundation for creating a design that adheres to Vastu.
  • Because Kuber and Jupiter are related with the north and north-east corners of the house, respectively, maintaining cleanliness in these areas is crucial. This can assist you in obtaining the highest possible financial rewards when selling the home. See Vastu advice for homes facing east.
  • One should ideally energise the South area of the house. Additionally, planets like Saturn are quite important in real estate transactions.
  • It is very important to lessen or lessen your attachment to the home or property. It is also imperative to remove all personal items from your home, including photo frames and decorative items. As the buyer might not feel an attachment to the home you are selling.
  • One might also help sell the house by replacing the lock and handle on the front door. This is a fantastic strategy to maximise the sale of your house. Additionally, check to see that the new handle and lock are sturdy and in good shape.
  • Check the flooring and doors for cracks, especially where the entrance is, and make sure there are none. It’s also crucial to put flowers close to the entryway and get rid of any weeds that may have sprouted nearby so that the area looks tidy and clean.
  • Additionally, as a glass or crystal globe is connected to the energy of the Earth. Installing one in the living room may aid in selling the home.


In conclusion, applying Vastu principles when purchasing or selling real estate can contribute to the development of a peaceful and prosperous atmosphere. You may strengthen the positive energies present in your area. Improve the likelihood of a successful transaction by relating to the natural forces and energy elements. Keep in mind that a balanced and aligned property can enhance your achievement in life and general well-being. It’s crucial to remember that while Vastu principles might be helpful, they are not a replacement for real-world factors like location, money, and structural soundness. Consult with architects or Vastu specialists for expert help. They can offer tailored suggestions based on your unique situation.

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