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Sample of All FAQs (Helpie FAQ)

  • When is Chaitra Navratri in 2024?
    This year, Chaitra Navratri starts on April 9th, 2024 and ends on April 17th, 2024. However, Kalash Sthapana, the first day ritual, can be performed during specific auspicious timings on both April 8th and April 9th.
  • What is Kalash Sthapana and how do I perform it?
    Kalash Sthapana is a ritual involving establishing a sacred pot filled with holy water and grains. It's believed to bring blessings and positive energy. The blog provides a detailed explanation of the process, including the required materials and auspicious timings.
  • What are some other important aspects of Chaitra Navratri?
    This festival celebrates the Hindu New Year, welcomes spring, and honors the nine forms of Goddess Durga. It's a time for spiritual reflection, family gatherings, and community celebrations. The blog delves deeper into the significance of Chaitra Navratri in Indian culture and its variations across different regions.
  • What are the main rituals for Mahashivratri?
    • Fasting: Observing a full day fast or eating only fruits and water.
    • Puja: Offering sacred bael leaves, fruits, flowers, and milk to Lord Shiva.
    • Jagran: Staying awake throughout the night, singing devotional songs.
    • Rudrabhishek: Bathing Shiva with sacred water and offerings.
    • Chanting: Chanting "Om Namah Shivaya" or "Namah Shivay" for spiritual connection.
  • What is the auspicious muhurat for puja?
    The auspicious muhurat for puja starts with the Chaturdashi Tithi on March 8th at 9:59 PM and ends on March 9th at 6:17 PM.
  • When is Mahashivratri in 2024?
    According to the Hindu Panchang calendar, Mahashivratri in 2024 will be on Friday, March 8th, 2024.
  • What are the planets involved in Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga?
    The planets involved in Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga are Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. Each of these planets represents different aspects of life, and when they are placed in their own signs in specific houses, they create this auspicious combination.
  • What are the benefits of Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga?
    Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga offers various benefits, such as enhanced strength, leadership qualities, professional success, personal magnetism, and overall well-being. These benefits depend on the specific planets involved and their placement in the birth chart.
  • What is Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga?
    Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga is a combination in Vedic astrology where specific planets are placed in their own signs in certain houses of a birth chart. These planets are Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. When such yoga occurs, it can bestow special attributes and benefits on the native.
  • Can AI really predict my future?
    AI tools can identify patterns in data and offer general predictions based on those patterns. However, they lack the ability to understand individual nuances, life experiences, and unforeseen events. Their predictions are statistical probabilities, not guarantees.
  • What makes Vedic astrology different from AI astrology?
    Vedic astrology takes a holistic approach, considering not just planetary positions but also nakshatras, dashas, yogas, and planetary aspects.
  • Which planet is associated with AI?
    In vedic astrology, the planet Mercury when combined with Mars governs technology. 
  • Can I visit the temple now?
    While the main temple is still under construction, there is a temporary structure housing the deity of Lord Ram (Ram Lalla) called the "GarbhaGriha" that is open for darshan (viewing). Darshan requires a free pass issued by the temple trust.
  • What is the significance of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir?
    The Ram Mandir holds immense religious and cultural significance for Hindus. It is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Ram, a revered figure in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The construction of the temple symbolizes the culmination of a decades-long legal and social movement for Hindus.
  • What is the current status of the construction of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir?
    The temple is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by 2025. As of February 2024, the plinth construction and pillar works are underway.
  • Which line on the palm represents career in palmistry?
    Fate line or the Career Line in palmistry represents the future career path of an individual. This line shows a person's goals, objectives, and obstacles that may occur in their career path. 
  • Which palm to read for male and female?
    According to Vedic palmistry, the non-dominant hand is observed for both male and female. Also, in  ancient times, the left hand of female and right hand of male were observed. 
  • Which line on the palm shows marriage?
    The Marriage Line on the palm holds information related to your relationships. Even this line can tell you whether you have one or two relationships. Either in their entire life or at the same time. 
  • How can numerology enhance business success?
    Numerology can offer insights into optimal business names, dates, and strategies aligned with favorable numerical energies.
  • What role do numbers play in business decisions?
    Numbers influence decisions by guiding choices in branding, timing, and strategic planning, aiming to attract positive energies for success.
  • What is business numerology?
    Business numerology is the practice of using numbers to analyze and improve business outcomes based on their perceived energetic vibrations.
  • What are some key principles of this astrology?
    Key principles of KP astrology include the concept of the Sub-Lord, the use of the ruling planets for houses, the Placidus house division system, the importance of Nakshatras, and the concept of significators.
  • What is KP astrology?
    KP astrology, also known as Krishnamurti Paddhati, is a system of astrology developed by late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. It is based on the stellar system of prediction and emphasizes the use of nakshatras (constellations) along with other astrological tools.
  • How is this astrology different from traditional astrology?
    KP astrology differs from traditional astrology in several ways. It employs the Placidus house division system, uses the concept of sub-lords within the Nakshatras for more precise predictions, and has specific rules for timing events that are different from traditional methods.
  • Do I have to have a literal fish shape on my palm for it to be considered a fish sign?
    No, the fish sign doesn't necessarily have to resemble an actual fish. It can manifest in various forms, such as lines, markings, or formations resembling fish scales, a fish tail, or any symbol associated with fish.
  • Where is the fish sign located on the palm?
    The fish sign can appear in different areas of the palm, typically in the vicinity of the mounts of Jupiter, Apollo (Sun), or Mercury. It can manifest as a marking resembling a fish, a set of lines resembling fish scales, or even a prominent island or a triangle formation.
  • What does the fish sign represent in palmistry?
    The fish sign is considered a positive sign in palmistry, symbolizing wealth, abundance, success, creativity, and intuition. It's often associated with good fortune and prosperity.
  • What are the effects of Moon Mahadasha?
    The effects of Moon Mahadasha can vary depending on the placement of the Moon in the birth chart and its aspects with other planets. Generally, Moon Mahadasha is associated with emotional sensitivity, intuition, nurturing qualities, and fluctuations in mood. It can also influence relationships, home life, and maternal instincts. However, its effects can be modified by the placement and strength of other planets in the birth chart.
  • How can one navigate the Moon Mahadasha?
    To navigate Moon Mahadasha effectively, it's important to understand the specific influences of the Moon in one's birth chart and how it interacts with other planetary energies. Practicing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and nurturing oneself and others can be beneficial during this period. Additionally, seeking guidance from experienced astrologers and following remedies or rituals suggested in Vedic astrology can help mitigate any challenges and enhance the positive effects of Moon Mahadasha.
  • What is Moon Mahadasha?
    Moon Mahadasha is a period in Vedic astrology when the Moon's influence dominates a person's life for a specific duration, typically lasting for 10 years. It is one of the planetary periods (Mahadasha) in the Vedic astrological system, where each planet governs a certain period of time in a person's life.
  • How does a love tarot card reading work?
    Love tarot readings typically involve a tarot card reader shuffling a deck of cards and then drawing a certain number of cards. Each card has a specific meaning or symbolism associated with it, and the reader interprets the cards to provide insights into the individual's love life, potential partners, and emotional well-being.
  • Can tarot cards predict the future?
    Tarot cards are not meant to predict the future with absolute certainty. Instead, they provide guidance and insights based on the current energies and influences surrounding the individual. The future is subject to change based on one's actions and decisions.
  • What is a love tarot card reading for singles?
    A love tarot card reading for singles is a type of divination that uses tarot cards to gain insights into an individual's love life when they are not currently in a committed relationship. It focuses on aspects such as potential future relationships, personal growth, and factors influencing romantic prospects.
  • What does the Sun represent in Vedic astrology?
    In Vedic astrology, the sun is associated with the self, ego, vitality, authority, leadership, and individuality. It is considered to be a powerful and influential planet.
  • How long does the Sun Mahadasha last?
    The Sun Mahadasha duration is for 6 years
  • What is the Sun Mahadasha?
    Sun Mahadasha is a period of approximately 6 years in Vedic astrology, and individuals under mahadasha become rich. They succeed in every field.
  • Why is the Ayodhya Ram Mandir important?
    The temple is important because it is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama, a revered figure in Hinduism. The construction of the temple is associated with a long-standing historical and political dispute involving the Babri Masjid, which stood at the same site.
  • When did the construction of the Ram Mandir begin?
    The foundation stone for the construction of the Ram Mandir was laid on August 5, 2020, in a grand ceremony attended by various political and religious leaders.
  • What is the Ram Ayodhya Mandir?
    The Ram Ayodhya Mandir is a Hindu temple being constructed in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is dedicated to Lord Rama and holds significant religious and cultural importance for Hindus.
  • What are the negative effects of Rahu Mahadasha?
    The individual under the effect of Rahu Mahadasha can go through a tough period. Rahu Mahadasha can make an individual addicted to bad habits and other things.
  • What are the reasons for Rahu Mahadasha occurring?
    Rahu Mahadasha occurs due to placement of Rahu in an individual’s birth chart and starts when rahu is positioned in the first house of the Natal chart.
  • What is known as Rahu Mahadasha?
    As per vedic astrology, Rahu Mahadasha occurs when Planet Rahu is dominant over an individual for 18 years.
  • What is a circled signature denoted by?
    A circled or enclosed signature signifies that the person is protected from any kind of anxiety or retreat. The big loop can also be seen in Michael Jackson's signature.
  • What does a small letter word signature tell?
    It indicates that the person has either gone through past trauma or is low in confidence.
  • How does Lucky's signature in handwriting analysis help?
    A Lucky signature in handwriting Analyzing can help in knowing about the characteristics of a person. A graphologist can also help in changing the signature style for better luck.
  • ज्योतिष शास्त्र और तंत्र विद्या में कौन महान है?
    जहाँ एक और तंत्र विद्या गलत तरीको के लिए इस्तेमाल होता है वही ज्योतिष शास्त्र आपके भविष्य के बारे में बताता है। महानता की बारे में बात करे'तो ज्योतिष शास्त्र  Tantra Vidya से कही कदम आगे है।
  • ज्योतिष शास्त्र की विशेषताएं क्या-क्या है?
    ज्योतिष शास्त्र एक प्राचीन भारतीय विद्या है जो तारामंडल और ग्रहों के स्थिति एवं गतिविधियों का अध्ययन करती हैऔर भविष्य , पैसा , नौकरी आदि चीज़ों के बारे में बताता है। 
  • Tantra Vidya क्या होता है ?
     Tantra Vidya  एक तरह की शास्त्रीय प्रणाली है जिसमे आप विभिन्न धार्मिक और तांत्रिक साधनाओं का अध्ययन होता है और यह आपको बहुत शक्तिशाली भी बना सकता है।
  • What is the location of the career line?
    The career line is a vertical line running from the base of the fingers to the wrist. The line can start from the base of the fingers, while most of the career lines can also begin from the center of the palm. 
  • What if someone has a broken career line?
    It means people will face difficulties in their career between the ages of 40-45 and life will be tough.
  • What is the need for reading the job line in the palm?
    A job line in the Palm can help you know about the right career choices. Also, it can help you get ideas about improving your career according to the job lines in your palm.
  • What about the many branches emerging from the education line on palm?
    If there are many branches emerging from the education line, the individual can have interest in many subjects and will also master all.
  • What does a lengthy education line indicate?
    A lengthy education line indicates higher education.
  • What is the importance of the education line in palm?
     The education line in palm can tell many things about education. Education is important as it helps you know about your educational growth and how you will progress in life.
  • Does a person become detached when Mars transit takes place in an individual’s life?
    As Ketu transits take place in Chitra Nakshatra, the person becomes more detached.
  • How does Mars transit in Chitra Nakshatra affect an individual’s life?
    Mars Transit in Chitra Nakshatra makes an individual more creative, intelligent, and spiritual.
  • What are the characteristics of a Chitra Nakshatra born individual?
    People born under the Chitra Nakshatra are blessed with good looks and intelligence and are very talented. People born in this nakshatra are hardworking, ambitious, and achieve success in life.
  • What does an horizontal T -Bar tell about the person?
    The horizontal T -Bar tells the person that he is good at recognizing his errors, believes in equality, and has many more positive personality traits.
  • What does the long T -bar Indicate about the person?
    A long T - Bar means that the person is impatient, tends to work more and is often driven by emotions.
  • What is the importance of T letter signature style meaning and effects in graphology?
    The letter "T" has its own significance in graphology. It tells about the individual's will, leadership qualities, and intelligence.
  • What if someone writes the original S?
    If you write the letter “S” in its original form, then you are a down-to-earth person who believes in family roots.
  • Why is it important to know about S letter style in graphology?
    Knowing about the S letter style can help in knowing about the personality traits of a particular person. It is one of the easiest ways, as you need the handwriting of the particular individual.
  • What If the letter "s" is angular in shape in some people’s handwriting?
    The letter “s” angular in shape tells that person is angry, gets impatient easily.
  • What is the best direction for a bedroom in Vastu?
    In order to benefit from good health, longevity, and prosperity, the master bedroom should be located in the south-west corner of the home. 
  • How can a vastu consultant help?
    A Vastu consultant can help in knowing about the vastu doshas and also providing solutions.
  • How are vastu tips for new beginning of new year's eve 2024 beneficial?
    The vastu tips for new beginning of new year's eve 2024 can help in improving your home's atmosphere making it positive. 
  • क्या होता है केतु की अंतर्दशा बुध की महादशा में ?
    बुध महादशा में केतु की अन्तर्दशा होती है तो व्यक्ति का जीवन काफी कठिनाई भरा हो जाता है। इस दौरान व्यक्ति का जीवन वाद-विवाद से भर जाता है और हर कोई दुश्मन लगने लग जाता है। व्यक्ति को अपने फैसलों पे भर्म होता है , खर्च भी बढ़ जातें हैं। 
  • बुध की महादशा अगर खराब हो तो क्या करें?
    बुध दशा को सही करने के लिए 
    • हर रोज़ दुर्गा चालीसा या सप्तशती पाठ कीजिए।
    • दान में मूंग की साबूत दाल दीजिये। 
    • सुहाग सामग्री का दान किन्नरों को दीजिये।
    • मनी प्लांट लगाएं। 
    • तोता पालना भी बुध महादशा में सही करता है। 
    • हरे रंग की कांच की गोलियां जेब या पर्स में रखें । 
  • क्या फायदे होते है budh mahadasha के?
    जब budh mahadasha व्यक्ति के ज़िन्दगी में होती है तो जातक की बुद्धि निर्मल  हो जाती है। व्यक्ति को धन का लाभ भी होता है।  विद्या के कारण उत्तम यश प्राप्त होता है और हमेशा सुख में रहते हैं। 
  • Where is the location of the marriage line?
    First of all, observe a line that is extending horizontally beneath the little finger. Yes, this line is known as the marriage line.
  • What does the fork shape on the marriage line on the hands of women indicate?
    Although the fork on the marriage line indicates a second marriage, there could be another, meaning two. It means you will find true love, but only after a long time.
  • What does the second marriage line in the female hand indicate?
    According to palmistry, the second marriage line in the female hand indicates a second marriage. It can also be a long and good marriage with the same partner.
  • Is Shani Mahadasha bad?
    Shani Mahadasha is often associated with challenges and delays. Some people might have to deal with losing close friends and family members or a source of income.
  • What are the good effects of Shani Mahadasha?
    Shani Mahadasha brings immense wealth, success, and a new income source. Responsibilities also increase during this period, thus making you disciplined. 
  • Can a pregnant woman perform this asana?
    It is advised that pregnant women should avoid this asana. Rather, they can perform easier ones. 
  • Can I reduce thigh fat through Ardh chakra Asana?
    Doing this asana helps reduce thigh and belly fat. As it gives the front body a nice stretch.
  • Is doing Ardh Chakra Asana beneficial for health?
    Numerous advantages of Ardha Chakrasana include controlling diabetes, obesity, and other conditions. It also helps strengthen the spinal muscles.
  • Which line indicates money on the palm?
    In palmistry, the Sun line, mind line and fate line are considered to tell about the status of wealth and prosperity in one’s life. 
  • What does a broken Mind line indicate?
    A broken or discontinued Mind line indicates that the individual may face problems while making decisions. They lack mental clarity. 
  • What does a wavy Mind line signals?
    This line depicts a disturbed and puzzled mind.
  • Jupiter is the lord of which zodiac sign?
    Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius.
  • Is Jupiter Mahadasha bad for a person?
    Jupiter Mahadasha has both positive and negative effects. However, its negative effects can misguide an individual. They may struggle while making important decisions. Also, it causes loss of wealth too.
  • What is the duration of Jupiter Mahadasha?
    The Jupiter Mahadasha of Guru Mahadasha lasts for 16 years.
  • How helpful are the 7 chakra bracelet benefits?
    By knowing about the benefits of the 7-Chakra bracelet, one can use it accordingly to deal with life problems.
  • How to wear 7 chakra bracelets?
    You need to clean the bracelet, set the intention, wear it and then meditate with it daily.
  • What are the some rules of 7 chakra bracelets?
    The 7 chakra is usually worn on either hand, and there is also a specific rule. But you need to wear it with a dominant hand.
  • How does Rahasya of Vedic astrology help in love and relationship?
    The Rahasya of Vedic astrology helps in knowing about relationships through planets and other things.
  • What are things an astrologer looks at before predicting?
    They look at birth charts, natal charts, and the planet's positions before predicting.
  • How can astrology act as a guide?
    Self -reflection, communication, and personal growth are three things that happen when you consult an astrologer.
  • What are some yoga mudra for headache?
    Mahasirs Mudra, Prana Mudra, Sahasrara Mudra, Trimukha Mudra and Gyan Mudra forms part of yoga mudra for headache.
  • How can mudras be very helpful?
    Mudras is performed basically through the hand and almost every nerve connects to hands. So when you perform yoga mudra for headache, you get relief completely.
  • Where can we know more about Mudras?
    You can learn more about Mudras through Occult science blogs and also from surfing the Internet.
  • Are the people with moles on the right hand palm spiritual?
    Moles, depending on their location on the right-hand palm, may be associated with spiritual growth and harmony. They are thought to reflect an individual's connection to a higher consciousness and a deeper understanding of life's mysteries.
  • What does palmistry all say about moles?
    In palmistry, it is all about talking about the future of a person. Moles can tell many things about the characteristics of a person.
  • What do moles on the right hand palm say about a person?
    A mole on the right hand signifies that the person will be intelligent and will complete the tasks on time. If the mole is on the left, then the person leads an average life.
  • Name some of the common vastu plants?
    Tulsi, Aloe vera, and Small Bamboo Plants are some of the common Vastu plants.
  • What is the importance of Tulsi according to Vastu Shastra?
    It is one of the holy plants which purifies air. It is used both for Ayurveda and holy purposes.
  • Why does one need 9 lucky plants for a home vastu?
    Keeping 9 lucky plants for home vastu can help generate positive energy in homes.
  • Who is the queen of Nakshatras?
    Rohini (goddess) is the queen of Nakshatras.
  • Who is the king of all nakshatra and their lords?
    Pushya Nakshatra is one of the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic astrology and is also the king of all Nakshatra and their lords.
  • Which Nakshatra is ruled by Mars?
    Mrigashira, Dhanisyta, and Chitra are two Nakshatras ruled by Mars.
  • When was vedic astrology or jyotish shastra started?
    Vedic astrology has been practiced between 5000 and 10,000 BC, though there is no exact moment when it originated. The Vedas, the oldest Sanskrit texts, inform Hindu philosophy and religion through jyotish shastra.
  • Which form of astrology is widely accepted?
     Indian Vedic and western astrology is widely accepted globally.
  • Can we know about careers through astrology?
    Yes, astrologers can predict your career through astrology.
  • Who should avoid doing Ashwini Mudra?
    Expecting mothers, Spinal cord injury patients, people who have undergone abdominal or pelvic surgery and people with high blood pressure or heart problems should avoid doing this mudra. 
  • What are the benefits of Ashwini Mudra?
    There are many physical, mental, and emotional health advantages. Some are Improved digestion, Stronger pelvic muscles, Constipation relief, Reduce stress and improve concentration. 
  • When is the best time to practice Ashwini Mudra?
    Ashwini Mudra can be practiced at any time during the day. Some practitioners prefer doing it in the morning on an empty stomach, while others find it beneficial before or after yoga asanas or meditation sessions. You can choose a time that suits your schedule.
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