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6 Natural Remedies for Deep Sleep Should be Follow

Natural remedies for deep sleep

As humans, we all have our own unique habits and routines, especially when it comes to our sleeping patterns. Natural remedies for deep sleep will help you.

But did you know that according to astrology and Hindu mythology, there are certain things you should avoid doing during the night? 

Avoiding these actions will allow you to attain the blessings of Goddess Laksmi, the Goddess of wealth, abundance, and knowledge. 

Doing these acts might make the Goddess unhappy and can cause financial issues. 

Also, the nighttime is considered the arrival time of the Goddess according to Hindu Mythology. 

If you’re a believer in astrology or curious about it, taking note of these nighttime no-nos can help you improve your overall well-being and create a more peaceful and harmonious nighttime routine. 

So, let’s dive into the things you should avoid doing at night according to astrology.

Avoid sleeping with open/washed/combed hairs:

Natural remedies for deep sleep

Sleeping with open hair at night can disrupt the flow of energy in the body. 

The energy that flows through our bodies, also known as ‘prana’ or ‘life force’, can become entangled in the hair when it’s left open while sleeping. 

This can lead to restlessness, anxiety, and an overall feeling of being unsettled during sleep. 

Women who leave their hair untied at night are more likely to feel the effects of these negative energies and also it is considered inauspicious. 

Therefore, it is advised to tie your hair or cover it with a scarf or cap while sleeping to avoid any energy blockages and promote peaceful sleep.

Keep kitchen and utensils clean at night:

Natural remedies for deep sleep

The energy of the planets can have an impact on our surroundings, including our homes and kitchen. 

Therefore, it is recommended to keep the kitchen clean and free of clutter at all times, especially at night. 

Dirty utensils and a cluttered kitchen can attract negative energies and disrupt the flow of positive energy in the house. 

It has been advised to keep the kitchen and utensils clean at night or else it brings poverty and permanent debt. 

Washing the utensils and wiping down the kitchen counters before going to bed can help to remove any negative energies and promote a peaceful environment for a good night’s rest.

Avoid donating sour food items to animals at night:

Natural remedies for deep sleep

Feeding animals with sour food items such as milk, curd, sugar, and salt at night can attract negative energies and bring bad luck. 

It is believe that such food items are associated with the element of earth, which is strongest during the day and weaker at night. 

Feeding sour foods to animals at night can disrupt the balance of energies and attract negative forces that can cause harm to the animal and the people around them. 

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid feeding sour foods to animals at night and to stick to foods that are more easily digestible.

Also, it causes financial issues and instability. 

Avoid cutting nails and hairs at night:

Cutting nails and hair at night can attract negative energies and bring bad luck. Also, it leaves dirt in the house which is a gesture of disrespect for the Goddess Laxmi. 

It is believe that cutting nails and hair is associate with the element of fire. Which is strongest during the day and weaker at night. 

Therefore, it is advise to avoid cutting nails and hair at night. It will prevent any negative energies from entering your life.

It is recommends to do these activities during the day when the element of fire is stronger and more conducive to positive energy.

Avoid Brooming the house at night:

Natural remedies for deep sleep

As you’ve read in the above paragraph, that nighttime is consider  auspicious time for the arrival of the Goddess Laxmi. 

 In Hindu mythology brooming at night sweeps away not only the dust but the blessings (wealth and abundance) of the Goddess.

However, it should be done only if it is necessary. otherwise, it brings bad luck to your house. 

The morning period is the right time to broom to sweep away. The negative energies out of your house and it is consider as fortunate. 

Brooming at night causes the occurrence of health issues in the family in the future and brings unhappiness. 

The Goddess Laxmi does not stay if you broom your house at night. Also, lack of sunlight during this time period, it is almost impossible to sweep away. The unique aspects in the house and impossible to see even the tiniest dirt on objects. 

Avoid washing and drying clothes at night:

Natural remedies for deep sleep

When the clothes are wash and dry at the night. It allows the negative energy in the surroundings to get inside your clothes. 

And when these clothes are wear in the daytime it causes depletion in energy. You may feel exhausted and stressed. 

But, when washed clothes are dry in bright sunlight all the negative energies, bacterias, and germs gets burn.


These are remedies and things which will be helpful to get a good sleep at night. This kind of informative details are the part of our content and getting more info to click on Read More.

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