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17 vastu tips for main door

vastu tips

When it comes to designing a home, the main entrance door plays a crucial role in ensuring good Vastu, the traditional Hindu system of architecture. The entrance of a house is believed to be the gateway for positive energy and prosperity to flow in. A well-placed and designed entrance door can help in attracting good fortune and happiness to your home. Are you curious to know how to make the most of your main entrance door using Vastu principles? In this article, we will share with you some Vastu tips that will help you create a welcoming and positive energy flow through your main entrance door. Applying these Vastu tips will help you correct or notice the vastu doshas present inside your home due to which you are facing certain sufferings. 

Nowadays, Vastu Shastra has been implied by interior designers and architects too. They have been taught Vastu shastra in their studies. The Vastu courses have gained popularity in the present. Vastu courses not only make the place look good, in fact it makes the place more positive and improves the standard of living. 

So, let’s dig in and discover how you can enhance the Vastu of your home with simple and effective tips for your main entrance door.


Selecting The Directions

According to Vastu Shastra, the most auspicious direction for the main door of the house is North East, as this direction is situated with Lord Kuber, the god of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. 

Sunlight Effect

Select a direction where the main door can get direct exposure to sunlight. There must be ample sunlight on the main door. As sunlight is a good source of positive energy and eliminates all the bad energies around. Also direct sunlight on the main door during sunrise brings fortune, it brings good luck. 

Threshold Tips

Threshold is very important, one should ensure to have a threshold at the main door. Use material like wood, marble, or concrete to make a threshold at the main door. According to Vastu shastra, a strong threshold protects your wealth from flowing outwards. It also signifies a positive environment in the house and acts as a barrier for negative energies. 

Name Plate

It can be an ideal decoration for the main door. this is necessary to put a nameplate at the main entrance of the house. It not only looks good but it attracts energy too. A good looking name will provide a good vibe to the visitors and if your visitors contain good vibrations then the entire atmosphere will be filled with positive energy. But, a bad name plate can attract negative energy too, so ensure to place a decorative nameplate. Best materials for the name plate can be wood or metal. 

Replace Defective Dooors

Damaged, dented, scraped, shattered, chipped, cracked, broken  or fragmented gates must be eliminated. This attracts negative energy and financial crises. Also if your main door is defective it affects your respect. The visitor will have negative thoughts about you. According to vastu shastra a defective door may cause certain vastu doshas. So it is recommended to change the door ASAP.

Wood and Entrance Door

The main door of a house should be made up of good quality wood. Because a high quality wooden door attracts positivity and fortune. Also it looks good and doesn’t get chip or damage early. 


Ensure Good Lighting

If you want to keep your mood lifted up then make sure your entrance is also well-lit. The Lights at the main door also look good and attractive. The ambient lighting on the main door looks pleasing and soothing. It enhances the mood of both the visitors and the people living inside the house. Lights used at the entrance should be bright, and avoid using dim lights that make the entrance shadowy. Yellow light should be perfect as it is a symbol of fortune, energy and also the color of the sun’s beams. 

Decorative, Aesthatic Entrance

Here are few ways through which you can decorate your entrance without affecting the Vastu of the house: 

  • Add auspicious plants like tulsi at the entrance. 
  • Make divine symbols on the entrance, symbols like; Om, Kalash or Swastik. 
  • Make a rangoli on the ground at the house entrance steps
  • If there is enough space then trees, fountains, and statues can be added.

Portraits Of Gods

A portrait of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi is very common yet important. As keeping the portraits of these gods helps to welcome fortune, prosperity, wealth, abundance, and positivity. The portraits of  god on the entrance of a house are very auspicious according to Vastu shastra and Indian beliefs. 

No Shoes at The Main Door

Avoid putting shoe racks at the main entrance. It is consider as disrespect to Goddess Laxmi the goddess of wealth and abundance, due to which they get angry and do not enter inside the house. Also, people for their comfort put shoe racks on the main door but it should be avoide. The main door should be clean and beautiful, and a shoe rack degrades the beauty of the entrance. 

No Dustbins

A dustbin is associate with negativity and its placement on the entrance can adversely affect your finances. It brings misfortune and blocks prosperity. You can face financial trouble if you have placed a dustbin at the entrance.  Ensure that the entrance is clean and clutter free.


 It is very important for cleanliness. As the visitors carry dust in the bottom of their shoes, there are chances that they may get inside with dirty shoes and the surroundings appear foul.  The negative energy gets stuck at the doormat. According to Vastu shastra a red door mat is best to welcome visitors. It’s an auspicious color. A good doormat gives a welcoming vibe. 

Choosing The Color Of The Door

An attractive and clean entrance is very necessary. To welcome visitors and positive energy both. A door with a vibrant color scheme that contrasts with the external walls’ paint is better, according to Vastu Shastra. And avoid painting the main door with black color as it attracts negativity. 

Elevate your Home Above Ground Level

Avoid buying a house which is place at a ground level. It should be raise above because a ground house attracts evil spirits and negative energy inside the house. It may cause adverse effects on the family members. You may suffer from financial, health, mental and growth related issues. A house above the ground level is best, according to Vastu shastra.

Types of Doors

Now you have read about what color you choose, what things to add, maintaining cleanliness, now, let’s see what types of doors suit best according to Vastu shastra. Avoid an acid or circular entrance door, entrance doors should not be smaller than others in size. A basic shaped door built with good quality wood is better to balance all the Vastu doshas present on the entrance. 

Interactions Of Roads

There should be no intersecting roads in front of the main entrance. As it represents a clash of thoughts and ideas that raise chaos. This can attract bad energies inside the house. 

Engraved Wooden Door

You might have seen some houses having main doors with wooden engravings. These doors are common in rural areas. There are auspicious symbols engrave on these doors which are consider to block negative energies to enter inside. It looks attractive too. 


By incorporating these Vastu tips for your main entrance door, you can ensure that your home is attracting positive energy and prosperity. With a well-designed entrance door, you can welcome good fortune and happiness into your living space. These are just a few of the many ways in which Vastu Shastra can help you create a harmonious and positive living environment.

If you’re interest in learning more about Vastu principles and how to apply them to your home, consider enrolling in a Vastu course onlineWith a Vastu Shastra course, you can deepen your knowledge of this ancient science and apply it to your daily life. So, why wait? Start your journey towards a more harmonious and prosperous life today with a Vastu course.

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