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11th house in the Kundali – Importance and significance

11th house

Have you ever wondered why certain people possess so much wealth or attain wealth effortlessly while some struggle to earn despite working hard? You might have wondered what is special with these people. Why are they so rich? Well, the answer to these questions lies in the “Kundali”. He or She might have strong planets in the 11th house of their kundali. So, get ready to find out how the 11th house in Kundali makes a person wealthier. Firstly, in Vedic Astrology, the 11th house is often referred to as the “house of gains” or “Labha Bhava.” But what does this mean, and how does it influence your life? Let’s find out. 

Your Kundali is a map of the sky at the moment you were born. It is further divided into twelve sections or “houses”, each representing a different aspect of your life. And the 11th house, or Labha Bhava is like a mirror reflecting wealth and prosperity in your life. 

Well, this house gives worldly pleasures in disguise such as good luck, cars, beautiful wife, house and all kinds of comforts. And this house represents: 

  • Gains
  • Friends
  • Siblings
  • Ornaments
  • Wealth 
  • Left Ear 
  • Property

Now, let’s understand the impacts of different planets in the 11th house. 

Planets in the 11th house of Kundali 

Below mentioned are the traits a person reflects if a person has these planets in their Kundali. Each planet has a different impact on the person’s life but all of this is directly related to the wealth and prosperity in their lifetime. 


The presence of the sun in the 11th house represents; wealth, royalty, higher position in government, wisdom, devoted to family and loyalty. This makes one a man of principles. Sun in this house and a person has the support of others, then it guarantees success. 


In the 11th house, the moon indicates the “inner self”. It represents wealth, generosity, noble, immense lands. Fond of literature and art, good reputation through lands, farming, milk, dairy, wines coffee, snack bar, pearls, fish 


Mars in this house shows that the individual is influential, has great status, landed properties, is a forceful speaker, clever, rich and crafty. Drugs, chemicals, lands, timber. minerals, metals, sports, good-will and have many more excellent qualities 


It makes the person intelligent, master of many techniques, learned in sciences, keen sharp intellect. Rich, wealthy, truthful, happy. Mathematics, astrology, scientific discoveries, trades. Writing, teaching, education research . 


Gains from various sources, immensely rich, head of a clan. Intelligent, noble, wealthy, rich, many friends and fond of Music. Religious and god fearing. Slightly dependent on others. Books, publishing, religion, charity. Jupiter and Mars in 11th are a combination for automobiles and also science.


The natives with Venus in 11th are wealthy, fond of travel, and like the company of the opposite sex. Popular and friendly. Also fond of theater, dance, music, have many females as friends, hoteliering, cosmetics, show business, films, coffee, beverages, art, vehicles. The individual possesses superior knowledge, wealth, kindness, and gains. 


The position of Saturn in the Saturn in the 11th house portrays the person has many men and women working under them. Involvement in politics and earnings through government. Fond of enjoyment, few friends disrupted education, land and immovable property industries. brick kiln, printing press, hardware, oil refineries, mines, labor. iron. Saturn in 2nd also gives profession or gains from mines, iron, labor.


The placement of Rahu in the 11th house of the kundali makes a person famous, wealthy, learned, chief in the armed forces. wealth in foreign countries, ear affliction, leader of low classes, wealth through farming, agriculture


A strong Ketu in 11th makes a person successful in life. The person has good qualities of heart and head. Travel to many places in comfort. Stock exchange, nobel, the native have a small social circle, few friends, and usually has limited desires. 

Good Combinations in 11th house

Now, you’re aware of how different planets have their impacts on this house. So, let’s see some combinations in the 11th house that yields more wealth. 

  • If the lord of the 11th house (that means the ruling planet of the zodiac present in this house) is placed well in Kendras and Trikonas then it signifies increased wealth. 
  • And, a strong malefic in the 11th gives more wealth. 
  • Lord of Lagna in Kendra, lord of 10 in 4th house, and 9th lord present in 11th house gives a Raj Yoga
  • Also, the position of the planets in this house have a great influence on wealth or sources of income. 
  • When it comes to business profits another important aspect is the exchange of houses between Lagna Lord and 11 Lord, as well as the exchange of houses between 2 and 11 Lord, brings tremendous riches and success. 
  • First, second, ninth, and eleventh lords are powerful in Navamsa, as well as Vargas and Vaiseshkamsa. 
  • Another very important combination is the combination of 9th, 11the and 2nd lords. It ensures good wealth. 
  • If the lords of the 2nd and the 11th are friendly, then it suggests money used on honorable causes. 

What does the 11th house of Bill Gates Kundali say? 

For a better understanding an example is always good. So, let’s take an example of a person renowned for his wealth. The 7th richest man William Henry Gates III. 

If you observe the horoscope of Gates you’ll find the below things: 

  • Aries zodiac is present in the 11th house. 
  • And the lord of the 11th house is present in the 4th house with the Lord of the 4th house.
  • Mercury is present in the 4th house with the zodiac sign it rules (Virgo).
  • In his horoscope Mars is with a high ranked 4th lord watched by 2nd lord Moon from the 10th house. 
  • Mars and Mercury are present together and Mercury is with the zodiac it rules. 

So, the above combination in Gates’ kundli represents landed properties, gains from lands, joyous life, well educated, famous person, and well known in the computer field. Also, here the combination of the 11th lord and 4th lord shows; wealth, pleasure, conveyances, and friends. Also, the combination of planets in the 4th house of his kundli signifies travel to other countries, witty nature,  well educated, fascination towards music and fine arts.

Seek More about Houses in Astrology

Moreover, this house tells all about the wealth matters in a person’s kundli. But this blog isn’t enough for learning about this house. Because astrology is a vast subject and can’t be covered in a few words. If you seek deeper insights to the houses of kundli, zodiac signs, planetary transits etc, then you will be required to enroll into an Astrology Course Online. It would be really helpful. Because an astrology course online will help you get the real knowledge. As there’s a lot of manipulated information over the internet. So, if you are curious about Astrology then why not start now!

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