Vastu Tips for Money

 These Vastu Tips For finance can help you unlock your full financial potential.


Kuber Yantra

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Kubera is the god of achievement and wealth and is represented by wealth. North-east is ruled by Lord Kubera. Toilets, large pieces of furniture, and shoe racks are not permitted in this area, nor should it be cluttered.


The Kuber Yantra should be in north section or wall

The Vighnaharta

Before beginning any auspicious task, people worship Lord Ganesha. He supports thinkers, bankers, and authors and brings prosperity and success, removes roadblocks in the way of life.


North east is best place for Ganesh ji


The tulsi plant is revered. It is helpful in a variety of spiritual pursuits. It represents wealth and success.   You don't have to purchase expensive air purifiers that are not only more expensive but also use a lot of electricity and upkeep. Tulsi encourages spirituality and good vibes.


Tulsi should be place in North East direction

Water fountain

Water Fountain flowing water signifies the flow of happiness, wealth, positivity, and good luck. A water fountain can be install in the garden if one has sufficient space but if there is no space then small water fountains can be use that can easily be kept on a table.

North direction is best place for Water fountain


Temple inside home

Ideal mandir direction in home is north-east

Make sure the puja room is never close to a bathroom wall or a stairwell. The pooja room can be designed alongside the living room for a north-facing home.