Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

Vastu Remedies

Bedroom Placement

The direction of the bedroom plays a very important role in ensuring the peaceful and harmonious sleep.

placement of the master bedroom should be in the South Direction

Colors and Decor

Colors such as pastel shades, light blues, or soft greens

The choice of colors in the bedroom can influence the ambiance and consequently, your ability to fall asleep

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices have become the basic necessity in our lives bedroom like Television, computers or any other electronic devices.

switch them off during sleeping hours and keep them at a distance from the bed

Natural Ventilation and Lighting

Open the windows during the day to allow fresh air to circulate in the bedroom.

Proper ventilation and natural lighting really contribute to a healthy and peaceful environment for sleep.

Sweet fragrances

Sweet fragrances are the best for peaceful sleep.

Important methods is smudging using dried sage or other cleansing herb