How Reiki Can Improve Your Life

What Is Reiki ?

The word “Reiki” has been derived from the Japanese language. It is a combination of two letters (Kanji in Japanese), “Rei” means universe and “Ki” means energy.

Distance healing through Reiki is a holistic approach to healing that aims to balance the body, mind, and spirit.

It's form of energy healing that can be performed from  distance, with the practitioner using their hands to channel energy to the recipient.

With the help of distance healing the Reiki sessions can be given or taken from anywhere.

This Reiki technique focuses on offering universal energy from a state of wholeness or oneness to everything.

 Depending on who you are sharing Reiki with, either it’s practiced with a professional or a friend/ family.

Do you know a marvelous fact about this distance healing, it’s that one can simply mail the photographs, name, age, location, and specific motive of taking a distance healing session.

Create a Positive Environment: the practitioner creates a sacred space to start the procedure. Preparing a positive space to enhance spirituality by adding incense, flowers, candles, lights, and etc.

Motive: It’s very important to have a goal before starting this procedure. Prepare your mindset and set a goal, a motive, build an intention to start. You can also say prayers and positive affirmations.

Increased relaxation: healing at a distance People can experience an immense amount of relaxation with the use of Reiki, which helps lessen tension and anxiety.